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The Platform for Importing Email Data and Address Books

Improve User Onboarding to Your App or Platform

  • Contacts

    Integrating our API simultaneously provides access to address books from 242 email providers. We do all the hard work so you can save on precious engineering resources.

  • Email

    Allow your users to import their email from all major providers (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook) plus hundreds more from around the globe.

  • Platform For Growth

    Help users connect with their friends! Through robust data analysis using parameters such as recency and frequency of email contacts, our API suggests the most relevant friends for your users.

  • Enhance User Engagement

    Our technology provides additional insights about your userbase - determine affinity around a user’s contacts to enhance their experience and boost your application’s engagement.

  • Your Single Source for Importing User Contacts & Email Data

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Developer Friendly

Easy Integration with Clear Documentation

  • Power
  • Powerful API

  • Importing 2.5 million contacts and 12 million emails every day to some of the world’s largest companies. No platform is too big.

  • UX Control
  • UX Control

  • Clear documentation to leverage the full power and scale of our platform while retaining total control of the user interface and experience.

  • Power
  • Rigorous Security

  • ShuttleCloud follows security standards (SSL, oAuth) to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of API requests.

  • Power
  • Privacy

  • Your data is your, not ours. We securely store the data required to process the import, and we delete everything when the import is over.

Get Access to Standardized Address Book Data from 242 Email Providers by Using our API

Including all major US ISPs: Comcast, TWC, AT&T, Verizon and Charter