Email Migration

What is email migration?

Email migration is a process that allows you to copy your email account from one provider to another without losing important information such as contacts, emails, and more. This can be a complex process, depending on the number of email accounts and the amount of data involved. But with a good email migration service, it's a breeze!
Why would your company need an email migration service?
  • Your users have opened a new email account on your service. Still, they would like to bring all their essential historical data from their old provider into their new email.

  • Users would like to consolidate all their email accounts into your service.

  • You want to move your company's email platform from one service to another. Such as a legacy email provider into Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Open-Xchange.

Methods of email migration
  1. API
    This provides a passwordless experience and ensures that users don't leave your interface during email and contacts import. This is the integration preferred by gmail and

  2. Migration portal
    A ShuttleCloud hosted portal eliminates the necessity for complex change management and gives you the option to use your company branding. This is the integration preferred by comcast.

  3. Admin Driven Migration
    If you want to move your company from legacy email to the cloud or from one provider to another, we'll take care of it!

If you want to provide offboarding from your email platform (because it is no longer a product priority) we can provide that service into Yahoo, Gmail, Apple, or Outlook brands.