• Don't Leave Your Loyal Users High and Dry!

    Easily migrate your users into Gmail before closing down your webmail service

  • Why Go Gmail

    With more than 1 billion active users, Gmail is the biggest free email provider in the world.


    On Any Device

    Access the benefits

    of your Gmail account wherever you are from your personal device

    New Inbox

    New Inbox

    You can see what's new at a glance and decide which

    emails you want to read and when



    View files without

    leaving Gmail and save attachments directly

    to your Drive

    Custom Themes

    Custom Themes

    Select your own image

    to use as a custom theme,

    or choose from

    a selection of photos

  • How to Move Your Users

    Let us do the heavy lifting, via one of the following options:


    Be a Gmail Supported Provider

    Integrate your email into our list of Gmail supported providers. Take a look at how easy it would be for your users to migrate email and contacts into Gmail.


    Launch a Custom Import Portal

    Host an import portal utilizing your own logos, branding, FAQs, plus we provide the change management documentation for your customer care team!


    ShuttleCloud has hosted import portals for large telcos such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable and universities such as Harvard and Stanford.


    Launch a Custom Import Portal + Customer Care Team

    Don’t have a customer care team -- we can also provide first level support, as we currently do for Comcast Xfinity.


    Ready to chat with a human?

    Contact us at project@shuttlecloud.com and one of our Project Managers will be in touch!​

  • About ShuttleCloud

    Increasing User Engagement via Email, Contacts and User Data Migration

    Since its inception, ShuttleCloud has been the leading solution for large enterprises seeking end user driven data migration solutions.
    ShuttleCloud is partnered with Gmail who utilizes our JSON API within the Gmail UI to provide passwordless integration for users importing their email & contacts into Google’s ecosystem.
    We are Gmail & G Suite experts migrating over eight million users and more than ten petabytes of data from 200+ providers into Google these past three years. We are the only partner integrated natively within the Gmail UI.


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