• Scalable Email & Contacts Import

    Top email providers such as Google and Comcast use ShuttleCloud to help their users import emails & contacts from 200+ providers

  • Google

    Powering user onboarding for

    Gmail and Google Contacts


    Ensuring new clients retain their data when switching to Comcast


    Allowing Yahoo users to consolidate all of their contacts into one account

    Time Warner Cable

    Migrating millions of accounts for

    TWC post-merger

  • Maximize User Engagement through

    Email & Address Book Data

    Integration with our API allows your users to easily migrate their personal data from 200+ providers

    Email Migration

    Reduce the friction users face when switching to a new email

    Offer your clients a simple way to migrate their emails, and

    maintain complete control over the email migration UI.

    Import Contacts

    Improve user activation and onboarding into your service

    Help users import their contacts from all major providers (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook), plus hundreds more from around the globe.

  • Technology

    A powerful migration platform that securely migrates 3 million contacts

    and 30 million emails every day

    200+ Email & Contacts Providers Supported

    ShuttleCloud provides email and contacts migrations from 200+ providers, including all major US internet service providers. Take a look at all of our supported providers.

    All Communications and Data Encrypted

    ShuttleCloud follows security standards (SSL, oAuth) to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of API requests. We encrypt all communications and data.

    Built with Scalability in Mind

    Our technology has been designed and implemented to ensure high availability on a massive scale. The ShuttleCloud platform excels under daily peaks of up to 6TB/hour.

    Multiple Integration Methods

    Our technology provides access to its migration technology via ShuttleCloud-hosted migration portals or through ShuttleCloud APIs.