ShuttleCloud: Why we make cloud data migration products

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ShuttleCloud is a cloud migration service that facilitates the movement of data like email, contacts, calendars, documents and files to the cloud and between online services.In the tech world, most companies use services ”in the cloud”. However, the rest of the world is still mostly running on-premises software like their own email servers. Most of these companies want to move their email, enterprise collaboration, storage and other services to the cloud but often don’t because it’s very difficult to migrate their data. And when you move your data off your servers, it becomes very difficult to access and manage. As a result, companies are essentially trapped by their vendors.This is just the start of the wave to move enterprise collaboration and other services to the cloud. With email, for example, only 5% of companies have moved to the cloud. Every company in the world uses email, and estimates predict that by 2015 70% of companies will have moved their email to the cloud. Just Google Apps alone is seeing thousands of new sign-ups every day. We’ve developed robust support for Google Apps and are expanding to Microsoft and beyond. Recently, our architecture achieved record scalability with a 46,000 email account migration for

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