ShuttleCloud Signs a New Partnership with Yahoo

partnership between yahoo and shuttlecloud

A few days after the public announcement by Yahoo Mail, we would like to share with you what the partnership we’ve signed with Yahoo will mean.Thanks to this agreement, Yahoo Mail—the third biggest email provider in the world—now allows its users to import contacts from hundreds of email providers. The multinational company will trust ShuttleCloud’s technology to update the contacts import feature of its desktop version.Before the update, Yahoo Mail users could only import their contacts from Google’s Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, or a second Yahoo account, as Yahoo’s senior product manager Sumeet Solanki explained in this Tumblr post.


From now on, millions of Yahoo Mail users will be able to move their contacts seamlessly to Yahoo Mail. Solanki describes the process: “To import contacts from your other email accounts, simply go to the contacts tab in Yahoo Mail, click ‘Import contacts’ and select ‘Another email address.’ Once you provide the credentials for the other account, Yahoo Mail will automatically upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers copying them into your Yahoo Mail address book.”

We Are Tremendously Pleased to be Working with Yahoo

This partnership with Yahoo has been great news for us. As our founder and CEO, Eduardo Fernández, said in a recent interview, after months of hard work, “being able to integrate our technology inside of Yahoo’s platform is a great satisfaction.”We are currently working with such other leading companies as Google, with their Gmail and Google Contacts products, and Comcast, the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world. Clearly, the Yahoo partnership is another great piece of encouragement for us to keep working toward our goal to partner with the best email providers in the world.

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