The Cloud Condenser - Volume 8

 Volume 8

ShuttleCloud is proud to present notable cloud industry news from May 2013.This series is updated bi-weekly with the latest and greatest resources on all things cloud.Twitter to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Upgraded Security | Chris Knight of CMS WireMaybe it's all part of the long road to a successful IPO, but Twitter's been doing quite a lot of engineering lately. From a brand new ad platform to heightened security, it's been fun to watch Twitter ramp up. Perhaps this most recent change was provoked by AP's Twitter feed getting hacked and effectively dropping the stock market 100 points after false claims of explosions at the White House.Amazon Launches 'Login with Amazon' sign-in service for Android, iOS and Web | Jordan Kahn of 9to5GoogleWhile posed as a feature to developers, this is a big move from Amazon to start penetrating big data on a larger scale. After all, he who knows the most about consumer shopping habits, wins. While they may be a bit behind the pack (Facebook started this in 2010?), they certainly aren't too late. The surface has barely been scratched in the meta consumer market, and we're excited to see how Amazon contributes.Microsoft Office 365 Reaches 1 Million Subscribers | David Roe of CMS WireIn just 3.5 months? No matter how much you like Notes or Docs, this is impressive. The only platform that has them beat is Instagram, with 1 million users in just 2.5 months.Dell Kills OpenStack, VMware Public Cloud for Private Cloud Push | The VAR GuyJust when we though the enterprise was becoming more open, Dell has reneged its plans to develop public cloud services and focus instead on private solutions. It's interesting to see a company nearing a leveraged buyout turning down business, but given the current state of shareholders they hopefully have the data to back up this decision.Microsoft's Xbox One to Draw More Processing Power from the Cloud | Kyle Orland of arstechnicaThe guys on the Xbox team are putting some major resources into the latest gaming device, the Xbox One, with the announcement that more than 300,000 live servers will be implemented to power the entire framework of both online and offline game play when the system debuts later this year. The "cool" factor here is obvious -- but what about the quality of the gaming experience? Home internet connections cut out frequently, and cloud-based games will have to prepare for that reality.

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