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We use a myriad of tools to run our company, and there are a ton of available options for nearly every business process.This week we sat down with Brad Patterson, Community Manager for, to discuss how their tool helps keep important client contacts in sync.Introduce yourself!"I’m a language geek who after growing up in Ohio, found his French love while living in China and then moved to Paris to settle down. ;-) Working in the startup scene, I bumped into a group of fellow language geeks working in the Computational linguistics space and solving an email pain that I fell in love with so when the time was right, I joined the team.As a CM for a startup, my role is kind of a 'swiss pocket knife' of sorts--- digging into product feedback with users, growth-hacking, and the back-n-forths with the team to keep that sticky product sticky."In 2 sentences, what is" is one of those magical set-it-and-forget it apps that's great to have working in the background. It saves professionals time by auto-updating their address book/CRMs by analyzing email signatures."What type of users do you guys target? Small businesses, consumers?"Both. We've found that the B2C market is actually key to accessing the B2B market; ie an early adopter loves what you do and introduces the service to their whole team, or an IT guy brings tests it and offers to spread the service to his sales team etc. While our initial traction was very strong on the B2C side, the B2B has quickly caught up, and likewise we've brought on a number of resellers and have opened up our platform to other companies as an API.In general, the type of consumers tend to be those most focused on outbound activities, or constantly in relation with new clients--- sales, real estate, CEOs, biz dev/customer relations."We've all heard of CRM -- what's the main differentiator behind WTN?"The heart of a CRM -- that without which it cannot function -- is accurate contact information and that's what provides: pushing all new contact/lead info into Salesforce, Highrise, Google Contacts or Outlook, and then continually updating it."Any recent success stories or testimonies from a happy user?"The thing I hear again and again from our clients is that it "just works" and they love that it doesn't require an ounce of effort on their parts. We're lucky to have great folks on board, and over 400 of them have left 5-star reviews in the Google Marketplace like this one:

I don't know about you...but my Contact lists were always out of sync with reality! Not anymore! Love that my Google contacts are getting updated without even a click of a button. LOVE efficiency tools!

-Susan King Glosby, VP of Operations, Fit4Mom

Thanks Brad!

Our TakeBrad nailed it with the 'just works' sentiment -- too many tools (especially those in the CRM space) require more maintenance than the value extracted, whereas WTN simply does things automatically without effort.

To try the tool free for Outlook/Gmail, just go here.

We wish Brad and the best of luck as they grow their product and business.

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