Let's talk about corporate values

Let's talk about corporate values

Let's talk about values. These are the core beliefs that identify company X in its mission statement. Is it for show? Or do you hire, promote, assess your employees based on how they uphold these values?

Enron had some great values on paper: Respect. Integrity. Communication. Excellence. I think we can all agree they did not promote or encourage these values throughout their entire corporation.

Shared values are what makes a company unique. I might speak from a privileged position; it is easier to follow and uphold these when you are 40 instead of 40,000, but you have to start somewhere.

At ShuttleCloud, our values bring us together and decide who will be a part of our future. It is our corporate identity, and I'm proud that we learn and teach is one of our values. 

In this ShuttleCloud Bytes video, we test the team on our four Values. Studies show that people need to see and repeat things at least seven times before they sink in – When your team is under the spotlight would they be able to remember their company values?


Today we spent an incredible afternoon with Guille from our engineering team teaching us about Scuba diving.

We host bi-weekly meetings where we sit and learn from one another. Past topics include:

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