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Comcast Enhances New Users' Onboarding with ShuttleCloud

Comcast, the leading American mass media company, is one of the largest broadcasting and cable providers in the world. Through the XFINITY Connect web portal, Comcast provides email and voicemail access to its high-speed internet/voice customers.

The Comcast XFINITY team wanted a solution that would improve new users' onboarding by seamlessly importing emails and contacts from their previous webmail providers.

The partnership with ShuttleCloud has delivered the following results:



Comcast user import their email and contacts feature seamlessly


contacts are imported into Comcast's address books platform


emails are imported assuring Comcast users never lose important data

The Challenge: Enhance the onboarding process used by thousands of new customers daily

Comcast brings exciting products and unparalleled choices to customers across America, onboarding thousands of new customers per day. New customers typically switch from another internet service provider (ISP) and have legacy email and contact data to bring into the XFINITY email and contacts platform.

A great user experience is a top priority and Comcast has a solid onboarding process, so the migration workflow must be seamless and simplify the user's onboarding process.

Comcast's Product Team requires:

  • an integration that offers email and contacts migration from the major webmail providers and ISP email accounts, as well as setting up auto-forwarding and contacts notification,
  • a seamless migration workflow that simplifies the user's onboarding experience into XFINITY,
  • a solution that includes exceptional end-user support,
  • and a consultative partner that provides an ongoing customer success plan.

The Solution: ShuttleCloud's turn-key software provides the simplest migration solution

After examining various options in the market and testing ShuttleCloud via an internal proof of concept, Comcast chose the ShuttleCloud platform as the simplest and most seamless self-service migration solution.

ShuttleCloud's unique ability to provide a turn-key technology solution, as well as end-user support and a consultative, ongoing customer success plan for Comcast's product team, was key to ShuttleCloud's selection as the mass media company's partner.

The Result: An average of 20k clients per year use the Comcast migration self-service solution

Since partnering with ShuttleCloud, an average of 20k clients per year have used the Comcast migration mail and contacts self-service solution. Thanks to the seamless workflow, new customers easily import more than 60M emails and 1.6M contacts into the XFINITY platform per year.

What is Comcast?

Comcast is an American multinational mass media company, and the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue. Comcast is principally involved in operating cable systems through Comcast Cable, one of the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet, and phone providers to residential and business customers.

XFINITY Connect is Comcast's web communications portal, which provides email and voicemail access for Comcast's high-speed internet and voice customers.

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