Email & Collaboration Industry Fortnightly: October 9, 2019

email industry

New Productivity (



      This is a very insightful post describing the rise of productivity tools that cater to specific professions.  

The Future of Work: Announcing a New Strategic Partnership with Dropbox  (



      Our friends at BetterCloud are on a mission to bring order out of the chaos of SaaS sprawl, and I personally am very happy to see them partnering with one of my favorite SaaS services.  

WhatsApp to add disappearing message feature in future build (



      We're not sure whether WhatsApp will continue to focus on consumers, businesses or both. This update hints at cloning a popular Snapchat feature.  

Slack Stock Hits Its Lowest Close, Down 37% since Debut (



      Slack is very popular but Microsoft is not an easy company to compete against in the enterprise software space, and that seems to worry retail investors.  

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