How to Create a New Gmail Account

create gmail account

Gmail is considered to be the best email service in the world because of its speed, reliability, and security features. Your Gmail account is full of useful features which many competitors fail to offer. If you haven’t signed up for Gmail already, then here is the detailed guide on how to create a new Gmail account.

1. Open Google Homepage

Go to and click on blue “Sign In” button at the top right corner. It will take you to the "Gmail Sign in page".

Create Gmail Account. Step1

2. Select Create Account

On the login or sign in page, click on “More Options” right below “Forgot email?” link. Two options will pop up. Click on “Create Account”, and it will take you to the Google sign up page.

Create Gmail Account. Step2

3. The Sign Up Page:

Sign up page contains a number of fields which are all mandatory to be filled before proceeding to the next step:

Create Gmail Account. Step3

a. Enter Name and Username:Enter your first and last name and choose a unique username. Google will prompt you if the username already exists. You can only use letters, numbers, and periods in your Gmail username.

Create Gmail Account. Step4

b. Create a Password:Enter a strong, yet easy to remember, password. Minimum length of the password is 8 characters.

Create Gmail Account. Step5

c. Enter Birthday and Gender:Choose from the list of months and enter day and date of your birthday. “Gender” field has 4 options named Male, Female, Other, Rather not Say. Choose one and proceed.

Create Gmail Account. Step6

d. Mobile and Current Email Address:This information is important when you need to recover your account. Enter your current phone number and working email address.

Create Gmail Account. Step7

e. Choose Location:Choose your country from the drop-down menu and click on “Next Step”.

Create Gmail Account. Step8

4. Agree to Terms of Service:

You’ll come across a Privacy and Terms agreement upon clicking on “Next Step” button. Scroll down the agreement and accept it. If reading doesn’t bother you, then agree to it after reading the whole agreement.

Create Gmail Account. Step9

5. The Welcome Page:

After agreeing to the terms, you’ll be presented with a welcome page. Click on “Continue” button.

Create Gmail Account. Step10

6. The Google Homepage Redirect:

You’ll be redirected to the Google homepage. Click on “Gmail” link at the top right corner, right beside the “Images” link.

Create Gmail Account. Step11

7. The Gmail Inbox:

You’ll be taken to your shiny new Gmail inbox for the first time. Roam around and experiment with various built in features like Gmail labels, themes, filters, email import, etc…

Create Gmail Account. Step12

All these things can be found in Gmail Settings option which is a gear icon on the top right corner. Your new Gmail account is ready to be explored and used. Congratulations, you have created your Gmail account!

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