How to Migrate Google Plus

google +

While ShuttleCloud does not migrate Google +, Google offers easy export and import options:


1. Go here

2. Select “Choose services” at the top3. Select “Circles”

4. You can select “Configure” to choose your output file - we recommend vCard

5. Click “Create Archive”

6. When the process is complete click “Download”.  Unzip the downloaded file.


1. Go to with your new Google Apps Account

2. Click on the “Circles” icon at the top of the screen.

3. Click on “Find People” on the left.  Once you click "Find People" the tab right next to it will become "All Suggestions" (a drop down).  Click on "All Suggestions" and the drop down will reveal an "Upload Address Book" option.

4. Navigate to find the unzipped file and select it to upload it (there will be a folder with a file for each old circle - you will need to do this for each circle).Note: We have experienced intermittent issues with the upload process, however despite the inconsistency this is still the best way to migrate your Google+ circles.

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