Is Email Marketing Doomed? Google & Yahoo Say NO SPAM, NOT NO EMAIL!

Angel Mendoza
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Is Email Marketing Doomed? Google & Yahoo Say NO SPAM, NOT NO EMAIL!

Remember the "good old days" when your inbox was a chaotic wasteland of marketing emails? Well, brace yourselves because our friends at #Gmail (Neil Kumaran) and #Yahoo (Marcel BeckerJosh Jacobson) are cracking down on SPAM (what a relief)! But before Email Marketers panic, hold your horses and read this:

❌ The SPAM apocalypse? Not quite. They're targeting manipulative tactics, not legitimate email marketing. Remember, valuable content and genuine connections are still king and queen.

Here's the lowdown:

Focus on quality, not quantity: Ditch the shotgun approach (most of you out there, or at least what I get in my inbox) and build meaningful relationships. Tailor your content, segment your audience, and provide real value. ✨

Security matters more than ever: Double down on data privacy and ensure your practices are squeaky clean. Your audience will thank you (and regulators won't hunt you down).

Build trust, not just lists: Be transparent, respect consent, and offer clear opt-out options. Trust is your most valuable currency, so earn it!

Remember, this shift is an opportunity to evolve, not evaporate. Embrace the changes, get creative, and prove that email marketing can be powerful, ethical, and even... dare I say... **cool? **

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