Knowledge Shared = Knowledge Squared

Knowledge Shared

One of our core values at ShuttleCloud is to learn and teach. Naturally we want to learn more about the industry, get better at our jobs and guide our colleagues who are aspiring to succeed. But it’s also important to step outside the norm and explore new things. After all, the world is a massive place and there’s more to it than Email Migration!

With this in mind ‘Gather Up’ was created. Every 2 weeks we get together on a video call with one chosen person talking about something they know and love. Followed by Q&A - which can sometimes last as long as the talk itself. I am really proud to be part of it. Here’s a few Gather Up benefits:

  • Getting to know the team on a deeper level and discovering their hidden talents (Jay is a Rubik's cube expert).
  • Catching up with the remote workers who we don’t see much of.
  • Learning about something that we have little or no idea about.
  • A good experience for those who don’t usually present - I love seeing the different ways that people visualise their presentations.

I would encourage any company to invest some time in this. What would your topic be? Here’s a handful of ours:

  •  The Effects of Architecture on the Brain
  •  How to get songs on Spotify
  •  The history and future of podcasts
  •  Wealth Inequality from the stone age to the XXI century
  •  Eigenfaces 
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