Migrate Google Chats with ShuttleCloud


Our customers asked for chats, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve delivered. Now, in addition to email, contacts, calendars, documents (with sharing settings) and sites (with sharing settings) we also migrate your chat logs.Whether they are for work or personal use, your chat logs are crucial. Need to find that address? What was that URL my friend told me about? Remember that great video – where did I have that link? Check your chats. One of the most useful features of chat & email integration in Gmail & Google Apps is the ability to search everything with one click. Now, with ShuttleCloud, you’ll never need to leave your chats behind.ShuttleCloud is committed to providing simple, secure and reliable data migration products with comprehensive support for Google Apps. Contact us for a free quote and chat with one of our representatives about how we can minimize downtime and provide a smooth transition for your users.

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