The Most Popular Email Providers in the U.S.A.

Email Providers in the U.S.A.

Gmail (Google), 1 billionactive monthly users worldwide. Outlook (Microsoft), more than 400 million active users worldwide. Yahoo Mail (recently acquired by Verizon), 225 million active monthly users. These are the numbers of the top email providers vying for a marketplace of 2.6 billion global users, according to Radicati Group’s independent analysis.But, what will we found if we pay attention just on the U.S. market? The U.S. is a market where 85% of all people use the internet and over 246 million are monthly email users (meaning they send at least one email per month). Once again, will the Big Three—Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft—be in the top of the list? We kicked off our series of blogposts on the most popular email providers with Germany, and today we will focus on the United States. What are the most popular consumer email providers there?

At this point, we can only wonder when Google’s Gmail will touch the ceiling. Will Gmail’s billion users worldwide be the summit or the beginning of a new era?Knowmore about the most popular email providers:

  • Access here to the list of most popular email providers in Germany.
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