How to Retain Google Apps Data When an Employee Leaves

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As the administrator of Google Apps for Business for your organization you're faced with the question of what to do with accounts when users leave your organization. This is especially critical if your company policy requires that you keep email data for several years.

As an Authorized Google Apps Reseller and provider of the highly rated Google Apps migration tool we have heard from many Google Apps Admins who require an easy solution for holding on to former employees data while minimizing the amount spent on Google Apps licenses.

Common Scenarios

  • Exiting employees: accounts that belong to users who are leaving the organization.
  • Suspended: accounts that are currently suspended and still being paid for.
  • Abandoned: accounts that have yet to be suspended, but have not been used for some (pre-defined) time and are still being paid for.

Our Solution

ShuttleCloud solves this problem with email migration. We help IT Admins retain their organizations data without paying $50 (or more) per year to keep former employees licenses on the domain. By following our suggested approach, organizations can delete the licenses or allocate the licenses to new users.

Process Options

IT Admins can use ShuttleCloud to migrate exiting employees, previously suspended and/or abandoned accounts to either:

  1. An IT Admin backup account (ex: FormerEmployees_2014)
  2. A new employee's account

Get Started!

ShuttleCloud’s email migration tool is discounted for Google Apps clients who make ShuttleCloud their Authorized Google Apps Reseller. Partnering with ShuttleCloud as your Reseller does not increase the price you pay for your Google Apps licenses. Google Apps licenses will always cost what Google provides on their pricing page or cheaper. Instead, you’ll get discounted migration for your entire team. You can join us anytime here and quickly start migrating those old accounts.If you ever need assistance, please check out our Knowledge Base or reach out to us at

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