The internet in a Minute

The internet in a Minute

In the time it takes for you to make your morning coffee or read this post. Trillions of things are happening around you. Especially on the internet. At ShuttleCloud we love statistics and numbers. I think because email is so vast, breaking it down into digits helps us comprehend it, whilst also giving us insights and a better understanding of the data. 

So, around 150,000 emails have been sent in the last 60 seconds, but what else has been happening?...

These are pretty big numbers for such a small amount of time. To save me from writing another post about ‘what happens in a day’ just multiply them by 1440!

And here’s some non-tech things that have happened in the last minute:

  • 255 babies were born
  • 5.5 million pounds of garbage was thrown
  • Your body produced around 150 million red blood cells
  • 25 million coca-cola products were consumed
  • 4.7 billion bath tubs of rain will fall
  • At least one person read this article

If you have any other interesting numbers please send them our way! We really do love them!

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