How to Transfer Google Sites

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When you switch Google Apps domains you may also want to transfer your Google Sites. If you are looking to migrate only a subset of your sites we recommend the following steps:1. Select the Google Site you would like to migrate (in your OLD account) and then choose "More" in the upper right corner, and select "Manage Site" from the drop down menu.2. Select the "Share This Site" option.3. Add your new Google account by entering your destination account's email address in the Invite Field. Make sure to share ownership of the site by selecting the "Is Owner" option and selecting "Send Email Notifications".4. When you press the "Share" button, you will be warned about sharing the Google Site with someone outside of the domain. Press the "OK" button to proceed.5. Sign out of your source (OLD) Google Apps account by clicking your account name in the top right of the page.6. Sign in to your destination (NEW) Google account. Click the link contained in the Google Sites invitation. This link brings you to the Google Apps sign in page.7. Do not sign in with your source (OLD) Google Apps account info. Click the "Sign in with a different account" link near the bottom of the page and enter your destination (NEW) Google account info. Once you are signed in, select the "More actions" button.8. Choose "Manage site."9. Select the "General" link from the left hand menu.10. Choose "Copy Site" near the bottom of the page.You have now made a copy of the Google site on your new domain. You can rename the site and add any shared recipients as well. In order to avoid confusion you may want to go back to the site on your old account and remove sharing with the new account after this process is complete.

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