When should I change the MX records?

change the MX records

When ShuttleCloud initiates a migration, we monitor the process and let you know when all are finished.This includes consultation on when to switch your MX records, as well as an additional last-pass migration of your source accounts after you've switched the MX records to avoid the need to manually forward any messages.In addition, we recommend lowering the TTL (Time To Live) for your MX records to reduce the time that we have to wait when changing MX records. This helps verify that the email forwarding is working well when changing the MX records at the beginning of the migration to our email forwarding.Sometimes it is impossible to change the TTL because your DNS provider doesn't allow it. In that case, it won't affect the migration, but it will take longer to verify that the MX change has propagated. A TTL of 2-4 hours is OK but between 10-60 minutes would be ideal. If your TTL is 1 day or more, and you can't change it, we would have to extend the project plan and the migration would take longer.

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